What adapters are we missing?


Currently ROM supports a number of different adapters to various data stores. I’m wondering if anyone has found a database/data store/api that they feel would be a good fit for ROM?


We definitely need either rom-elastic_search or rom-solr to support search-targeted datastores.

Also it would be nice either to revive rom-redis, or|and implement rom-aerospike or rom-riak for key-value stores.

Though we have rom-kafka (now in alpha, but I’m planning to move it to beta in a month), something like rom-rabbit or rom-amqp would be useful too for building pub/sub apps.



I’d love to see a Database.com adapter similar to restforce. I’m sure this could be implemented using rom-http with some additional sugar, but it would be far more convenient if it could just integrate with the existing gem (which is far more likely to be kept up-to-date) and make the calls invisibly.

Perhaps this will be my next weekend project…