Does/Will rom-elasticsearch support elasticsearch 7?

Well the title is pretty much the question. Right now from what I can see there is a dependency to 6. Are there any breaking changes blocking the upgrade?

@nicrou I tried to upgrade it but it wasn’t straight-forward so I put it aside and then months have passed :sob: There are various specs failing and it’s just not immediately obvious why. Some help with that would be great because currently I don’t use this adapter so it’s hard to find time to upgrade it.

@solnic I see. Unfortunately I don’t have much time at the moment either and I ended up using just elasticsearch gem because it was pressing but It’s good to know and I will have a look later to see if I can figure it out. Thanks!

@nicrou gotcha! My friend is interested in helping out with this so I’ll follow up with him and maybe we’ll finally figure it out :slightly_smiling_face:

@nicrou aaaaaaand we’ve made it rom-elasticsearch | | your community gem host