Cassandra/ScyllaDB adapter anyone?

This is a shot in the dark, but I’ve been spending the last week trying to bring all the dependencies for rom-cassandra up to date. I’ve managed to do so with very little changes. However, I cannot get the commands to work and am looking for someone that’s done so or is running it in production right now that may help me stop grinding my gears here.

And I’ve reached out to @nepalez via Twitter, the original author and dry-rb contributor, and am awaiting a response

hey, the official cassandra adapter is very outdated. It’d make sense to look at a newer adapter, like rom-elasticsearch, to get an idea how rom-cassandra should be changed to make it work again with the latest rom core.

Hiya Piotr – a few weeks ago, I saw your talk from 2017 that made me consider ROM. I was pretty much sold! I super appreciate your response!

I was actually looking at rom-sql as a reference, but I have a newer post that outlines where I’m stuck here: Help with registering commands (ROM::CommandRegistry). I’m about ready to give up as it may seem easier to use the underlying driver directly and build my own repo abstraction atop of it. I’ve already stepped through so many lines of source that frustration has mounted – I simply cannot get the commands to register (outlined in the post)

I really don’t mind maintaining the rom-cassandra adapter and I believe this is the last thing I need to get it working. I know that you’re also busy and appreciate your contributions very much.

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