LDAP support for ROM

Dear ROM community,

I just discovered ROM a few minutes back and I already find the whole idea of ROM extremely sensible and useful. I would like to build LDAP support for it so that I can use ROM with OpenLDAP. I currently use ActiveLDAP with Rails and find it insufficient to do what I need to do.

Any pointers on how to get started with this will be great… I would love to build and contribute LDAP backend support to ROM, if I could.

Cheers, Abhas.


It should be relatively easy to build an LDAP adapter. You could check out our official “how to build an adapter” guide. Once you understand the basic concepts, the simplest way would be to clone an existing adapter and tweak it to use LDAP. I typically recommend rom-elasticsearch because it’s up-to-date with latest rom and it’s not as complex as rom-sql but it already uses some advanced rom features. It should be a good starting point.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have here :smile: