Help with registering commands (ROM::CommandRegistry)

I’m making attempts to bring rom-cassandra up to date and I’ve been stuck digging through rom-core source for two days and can’t seem to figure it out.

While rom-cassandra is fairly outdated (last updated in 2015), the core API of ROM remains intact, and invoking ROM::Configuration#register_command doesn’t raise any exceptions

Either way, provided a registry, ROM::CommandRegistry, is there a method on the registry itself that allows me to register my commands inline/invoking a method on the registry? Or is this handled by setup and the configuration delegating to it? I’m running in circles through ROM core and can’t figure this out, because it’s certainly not in the rom-cassandra adapter source

This is a last ditch effort and I almost feel like re-writing the entire adapter is easier, except the documentation for writing a more involved adapter is fairly sparse and would require some considerable effort in understanding and learning dry-rb first.

I really want to love ROM and mostly do, but this has been a major hindrance for me as help has been difficult to come by

I don’t mind providing the simple source for a Sinatra demo I’ve been using to test-drive in an attempt to bring the Cassandra driver up to date

Now you know why in rom 6.0.0 I’m decoupling commands and relations, the bi-directional dependency makes setup very complex (there are other reasons too). Anyhow, thanks for taking a stab at it and I’m sorry it turned out to be so tough. I think rewriting the adapter could make much more sense, but I can’t provide much feedback simply because I’ve never-ever used Cassandra. Maybe using rom-elasticsearch as a base would be more helpful? It’s much simpler than rom-sql.