State of documentation survey

:wave: folks!

I’m preparing some questions for a survey to get some information about opportunities to improve the ROM docs. All questions will be a simple likert scale (i.e strongly agree to strongly disagree)

Here’s a few I have, please post yours in this thread as well and I will work on making the form. Afterwards, we can distribute it out to ROM users and collect our learnings to make the docs better :blush:

  1. It is easy to find code examples for querying data in rom-sql (1-5)
  2. It is easy to figure out how to write database migrations for rom-sql (1-5)
  3. The documentation clearly shows how to configuring ROM
  4. It is easy to discover “advanced” functionality of ROM (i.e. using SQL functions, custom data mapping, nested combines, etc.)
  5. The documentation clearly communicates best practices for using the ROM gems
  6. I understand changesets and how they differ from commands
  7. The examples in the ROM documentation are realistic
  8. When faced with an error or unexpected behavior, I feel confident I can find documentation about how to fix it

Please add more to this list!