Is there any example project to see the big picture?

I cannot find a sample application to understand how everything fit together, it would be awesome if someone could share any open source application or simply a sample that shows how everything integrate.

In the documentation there are a lot of samples, but each one shows the components in isolation and is quite difficult to understand how to make it all work together.


I have found this:
But I would love a smaller demo appliacation of some sort to see how this all works together…

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I am just starting to write a system using a combination of grape, dry-rb and rom-rb and I feel your pain, I have looked for a comprehensive app and I can’t really find anything, at least not that shows examples of problems I am having.

My current project is not going to be open code but I might go ahead and write a system to make public that I can get the dry/rom/grape people to comment on and just make it a demo app.

If you have found anything good in the mean time please let me know.



What problems are you having?

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I have found a few things that were confusing. I think I should maybe make some individual posts about them instead of putting everything in here. For example, it was really unclear to me how to create a migration in detail. The different types I could use or how to say I wanted an index created.

I then found that the underlying code was the Sequel library so I went and read more about that to create the few migrations I currently have.

Just now I found another issue with migrations which I will make a new post for.

Also, is there an IRC/slack/other channel that people chat on?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’d be best if you report issues in this way it’ll be easier to handle it. You can also join where many contributors and users are hanging out :slight_smile:

Thanks, I am somewhat cautious about submitting github issues as I think a lot of it is my not understanding what I’m meant ot be doing rather than the library having an actual issue.

I will jump on gitter!

This is fine. In fact, if something is unclear, then for me it is an issue that I want to fix :slight_smile: