Rom-sql |> Rake task for db:dump || alternative?

Hi, guys! Awesome work on ROM. Thanks for everyone involved.

I introduced it to the Rails 6 application, which took a little time but all works now.

However, I need to create database dumps like schema.rb structure.sql. I went through codebases of rom-sql, sequel and sequel-rails. However, couldn’t wrap my head around how to do it.

I guess it’s not provided yet as I have checked the rom/sql/tasks. I couldn’t find how to do it myself using Rom::SQL internals either.

Would be nice to add :pray: or an alternative way to do it within Rom::SQL? So that I don’t have to do




There are no built-in tasks for this but you can take a look at Rakefile template from dry-web-roda project where such tasks are implemented for PostgreSQL.

Awesome! Thank you!!