How do you set timestamps in version 4.0?


The way we were setting timestamps is no longer working.

┆ ┆ repo.changeset(attrs).map(:add_timestamps)

The example here seems to be out of date:

Because repo no longer has the changeset method. Are there any examples on how to do it in the new version?


Changesets are now available directly on relations. See Core / Changeset docs.


@solnic Apologies, this might just be a newbie mistake. But when I try to access the changeset method through the relations I still get the ‘undefined method `changeset’ error. Am I missing something?

 [6] pry(IndieNinja::API)> users_repo.users

=> #<IndieNinja::API::Persistence::Relations::Users name=ROM::Relation::Name(users) dataset=#<Sequel::Postgres::Dataset: "SELECT \"users\".\"id\", \"users\".\"email\", \"users\".\"first_name\", \"users\".\"last_name\", \"users\".\"created_at\", \"users\".\"updated_at\", \"users\".\"identity_provider_id\" FROM \"users\" ORDER BY \"users\".\"id\"">>

[7] pry(IndieNinja::API)> users_repo.users.changeset
NoMethodError: undefined method `changeset' for #<IndieNinja::API::Persistence::Relations::Users:0x007fb958a320a0>
from (pry):6:in `<module:API>'


Do you have rom gem as a dependency and require it? It should require rom-changeset which adds Relation#changeset method.


@solnic That was the issue!! I only had rom-repository and rom-sql in my Gemfile!

Thank you.


For anyone coming across this here is a working example on how we got timestamps working:

We have a timestamps module which we include in our repos and it looks like this:

  module Persistence::Timestamps
  ┆ def create(attrs)
  ┆ ┆ super root.changeset(:create, attrs).map(:add_timestamps)

  ┆ def update(attrs)
  ┆ ┆ super root.changeset(:update, attrs).map(:add_timestamps)
  ┆ end