Upgrading code base from dm-rails

I am working on getting this code up and running - UrbanAlienAdventures/gamesprout: A gift from Jesse Schell (github.com)

I’ve traced dm-rails to datamapper/dm-rails: Integrate DataMapper with Rails 3 (github.com) and then to your site.

is there documentation on how I should approach your newest iteration?

DM was discontinued years ago and rom-rb is a different beast so your best choice is to actually rewrite the app. It’d be a really fun and educational exercise!

Understood, if you would be open to sharing an approach on my open-source project that would be great!

Projects · UrbanAlienAdventures/gamesprout (github.com)

I’m making this jr dev friendly for any Ruby developers who need experience with performing this type of work on a living production project. It’s easy for devs to say this advice. Learners need a bit of a point in the right directions.

I’m happy to reply to any questions you may have. This thread is a good place for this.

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