ROM Usage in Production

We’d like to collect together sites, products, companies, or neat personal projects that use ROM under the hood.

If you’re using ROM right now in a production environment, please list it here with the following info:

  • Your name
  • The project’s info (project name, web address, etc)
  • Scale of project from:
    • Personal
    • Small / Medium Business
    • Enterprise
  • A short testimonial blurb of why you chose ROM, what went well, and/or what you’d put on the front page to tell the world

Hey folks, currently using ROM with It is an app that is designed for fighters to drop/maintain/gain weight before the competition with the help of generated, balanced meal plan. It is a startup and we are just getting started. It’s partially AR and partially ROM. Whenever I touch new functionality, I rewrite it in ROM.

I have chosen ROM because I think it helps with separation of concerns. I strongly believe that objects don’t need to be aware of the fact that they can be persisted and that we should have another layer of that can work with the database (Repositories). I have been following this pattern with AR, but does not work very well without bringing ton of AR related stuff in.