How to handle root key in JSON API responses (rom-http)


I’m writing a custom HTTP adapter for one of the APIs i have to consume and all the list resources are returning their data under the parent node. So, for a list of products, the response would be:

  "products": [
    { "id": 1 },
    { "id": 2 },

While, from what i understand, a following resource definition expects the results to not be nested:

module Presta
  module Resources
    class Products < ROM::Relation[:http]
      schema(:products) do
        attribute :id, Types::Integer

# => :id is missing in Hash input (Dry::Types::MissingKeyError)

What would be the easiest way of telling rom-http to use the nested dataset instead of operating on the parent node? Thanks in advance for any clues, i tried googling for that but was not able to find anything helpful.