Changed 5.0.0 roadmap

Hey everyone!

We’ve decided to simplify 5.0.0 release and make it much smaller than initially announced in this thread.

The updated roadmap is as follows:


  • Update to latest dry-types (currently 0.13.x but it may become >= 0.13 soon)
  • Merge rom-mapper back into core - this gem is too rom-specific, and it will stay like that, it’s also an integral part of the entire system, so it makes more sense to have it in the core. If there’s time, it will be simplified internally too
  • ROM::Transformer will replace ROM::Mapper
  • More configuration/setup events - this will make writing plugins more flexible


  • ROM::Repository#aggregate will be removed in favor of Relation#combine
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes

Another general change will be to inline version number for all gems , which means rom, rom-core, rom-changeset and rom-repository will be bumped to 5.0.0 .

Other improvements that we removed from the original roadmap will be shipped either in 5.x or 6.0.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns!